Air Jordan 10 OVO

Air Jordan 10 OVO

Air Jordan 10 OVO

This is a line of shoes that bring you the most modern and freshest feels. Air Jordan 10 OVO is designed with details from fabric to thread tailoring completely different from the typical street style of sport shoes. With the main color tone blue and red mixed together, the shoes seem to be very fancy and will be easy to make us feel impressive. This product is mostly worn by famous fashionistas in the world. Let’s figure it out below.

Outstanding features

Air Jordan 10 OVO is for those who want to find a more refined style, because the material used for Era has a textile as well as other fabrics, smooth and eye catching. Retaining the cushioned neck and soft rubber sole, Vans Era creates an accent on the color of the tie, the color scheme between the sole and the fabric. Being first release since February of 2016, the price of the Air Jordan 10 OVO pair is higher than the other low neck of other sport shoes.

Why would you choose Air Jordan 10 OVO?

Any shoe aficionados should have an Air Jordan 10 OVO with the black tone in their shoe collection. Why? Because it’s awesome from the first look to the quality. The shoe sole is improved well to make your feet feel like flying, with the support of solid rubber technology. Moreover, this version of Air Jordan goes well with any clothes you wear, even shorts, skirts or jeans.


  • Brings the young and modern design with distinctive two-tone colors
  • Offers the softest feel on your feet with advanced sole making technology
  • Provides great support for your ankles


  • It doesn’t include the waterproof function.

Current price on the market: $225/ pair
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