Air Jordan 12 OVO

Air Jordan 12 OVO

Air Jordan 12 OVO

After an indefinite delay from July, Air Jordan 12 "O.V.O" White / Gold has also been airing. As one of the special Air Jordan versions associated with rapper Drake's October's Very Own brand, Air Jordan 12 OVO models often have common features in color combinations such as the use of White/ Gold colors as well as Black/ Gold colors.

Also, this version is one of the most expensive shoelines of Jordan brand. In spite of this, the shoe is always hot and popular in some areas until now.

Outstanding features

The Air Jordan 12 OVO is constructed with black premium leather and durable materials along the upper. Moreover, a black stingray-like overlay is added for a fancy look. There is a black rubber outsole with a transparent traction will strike the name of the brand.

The mud guards on the outside and the inside put on the upper sole are made of stingray leather and it has a very textured feel. Also, below the mud guards, against the upper sole, there are gold taps which makes the shoe more luxurious.

For those who are lucky to have this one, we would like to think that you are smart enough to practice PAH (proper ankle hygiene) thanks to the pure white sock liner.

Why would you choose Air Jordan 12 OVO?

With its unique design collaborated with rapper Drake, you will be so satisfied to have it in your shoe collection. Especially for those who travel a lot, this shoe can soften your feet by its soft sole and the great ventilation.


  • Offers a very smart design with two color tones
  • Provides a higher traction 
  • Provides a better lock with the simple laces


  • It doesn’t offer the waterproof function 

Current price on the market: 225$/ pair
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