Air Jordan Silver Shoe

Air Jordan Silver Shoe

Air Jordan Silver Shoe

Referring to the Jordan brand, the shoe lovers would have envisioned the image of shoes that had become classic in history, accompanied by the memory of the king of basketball of all time - Michael Jordan.

Following the trend, there is the new model of Air Jordan – it’s Air Jordan Silver Shoe with smart design and high quality. This shoeline promises to give you the very new breath of air in your shoe collection.

Outstanding features

Functioning as basketball shoes, the Air Jordan Silver Shoe is also highly arched with a distinctive backdrop. Moreover, lace-lock is added to the shoe laces. Besides featuring the shoe, it also helps fix the ankle. Compared to the previous version, the Air Jordan has a more advanced form, especially the first soles of the sole of icy sole - a soft and light blue one, which helps to increase the tightness of the feet, and makes the shoes become light and flowing.

The color of the shoes is white and relatively straightforward but not sketchy. Silver details in the midsole and on the back of the shoe form a strong emphasis on it.

Why would you choose Air Jordan Silver Shoe?

The thing that you cannot skip this product from Jordan is its elegant design with the main silver color mixed with matte white. In addition, quality is always considered the most important in he Jordan shoeline.


  • Offers a good desgin from the shape to tone values
  • Offers the stronger midsole compared to the previous version
  • The lacelock helps support the feet’s fit. 


  • We can’t find anything wrong with it. It’s kinda perfect inside out. 

Current price on the market: 190$/ pair
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