Air Jordan XVII (Out of the Box)

Air Jordan XVII (Out of the Box)

Air Jordan XVII (Out of the Box)

Air Jordan XVII (Out of the Box) is one of the most classic shoes of this collection, witnessing the period of time that Vans experience. To this day, it still holds its position in front of the juniors later. At the same time, it has undergone a lot of changes to have an Air Jordan version as perfect today. Today, we would like to have a short review on Air Jordan XVII (Out of the Box) with several different tones of colors.

Outstanding features

With the high neck as usual, Air Jordan XVII (Out of the Box) still reflects the simple but smart design for every sneaker lovers. The solid rubber sole is improved for a better move, which promises to give you the softest moves ever. For those who are bike riders, mountain hikers, sport players or simply just a daily walker, Air Jordan XVII (Out of the Box) will absolutely be your best company.

Why would you choose Air Jordan XVII (Out of the Box)?

It looks nice with fitting jeans, joggers, and leggings, or whatever you try to mix with. In spite of its high-top, padded built, the Air Jordan XVII (Out of the Box) is lightweight. You’ll feel so comfortable wearing it all the time. The upper part is made of canvas fabric which is relatively thick. But when carrying it on, it is quite comfortable. The rubber sole of the shoes as well as other similar shoes, 3cm high and very solid. In addition, the shoe form looks quite sturdy and thick, holding pretty heavy on your hands.


  • Offers high stability when you walk on the wet or slippery surfaces thanks to the solid rubber
  • Provides the high traction


  • The fit might get loose if using for a long time.

Current price on the market: $150 - $1,845/ pair
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