Nike Air Jordan IV

Nike Air Jordan IV

Nike Air Jordan IV

Nike Air Jordan IV shoes are one among Nike’s famous Air Jordan collection. Previously, Converse collaborated with other partners to release a new limited sneaker version. Though they seemed to have the same design, no two of those Nike Air Jordan IV shoes were the same, which made these shoes become a truly priceless gift for shoe collectors. This product has the price range of $100 to $350.

Outstanding Features

  • Unique style: As we’ve mentioned above, each pair of shoes has a distinctive design on account of artwork, and Nike cut its canvas to apply on the outside of those shoes. 
  • Suede and leather materials make the wearer feel soft and comfortable, though it is not as durable as the popular rubber-like neoprene. 
  • The clean stitching and a protruding Nike logo go well with the light brown color, which indicates a romantic and abstracted sense.  
  • The heel counter and tab are solid enough to support movements and fit wearer’s feet snugly
  • This pair of shoes is suitable for multiple occasions.

Why choose? 

If you are a shoe enthusiast, owning a pair of Nike Air Jordan IV in your sneaker collection must be wonderful. This is not just a shoe for normal wearing, but an amazing masterpiece by the collaboration between Nike and artists.  Only these shoes are available, so it is a big challenge and a great gift for anyone to get them in their hands.
Though some people say that the price of these shoes is too hyped compared to the features. I think it is worthwhile because the Nike Air Jordan IV reflects the culture and beauty of traditional art, which can’t be evaluated by money.


  • Unique design
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Go well with a variety of outfits


  • One of the most hyped shoes ever
  • Not durable for regular wearing

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