Nike Air Max 1

Nike Air Max 1

Nike Air Max 1

Hi guys! Are you a loyal fan of Nike shoes? Are you still longing for a wonderful sport shoe? If yes, let’s try reading my short review about Nike Air Max 1 model and take it into your consideration.

After succeeding in many product lines, Nike continues launching with Nike Air Max 1 model with a lot of attractive features, which also becomes popular quickly. Take a glance at the whole review to know more.


  • This model has a high-quality material and the soft footbed, a padded inner lining and padded tongue which can make your feet feel comfortable and smooth. The upper of the shoe is designed with scotch grain in different color going with smooth on heel panels and toes. Besides, the laces made from and a traditional white sole round made from rubber, which makes the shoe seem more fashionable. 
  • With the black model, the tonal black color is created from the combinate of pebbled and smooth waxed. And the navy model, its color is a feature of the mix between suede and waxed. In general, both two color styles have the lined interior and metal eyelets, which are similar to the classical Vans waffle sole.
  • With price range around from $140 to $180, it depends on the sellers and locations. This price range is rather reasonable for most people. With the great comfortable quality and fashionable look, Nike Air Max 1 will not let you down. However, because of its materials, you should take care of it carefully. You should not use exposure under the sun and put inside to prevent discoloration when not using.

In conclusion

On the whole, the shoe is one of the things you should not scrimp on. A stylish and comfortable pair of shoes can bring you to anywhere you want without any foot problems. With the outstanding features above, I highly recommend Nike Air Max 1 if you have demand for a new and great shoe.

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