Nike Blazer

Nike Blazer

Nike Blazer

Provided that this product was originated from the famous brand, Nike Blazer was the right answer to your suede. It is singular but the simple and clean design propelled these shoes into that sneaker. A truly breathtaking and unique upper construction can be given to its holographic pack along with the shoe color changing depending much on its angle viewed and the way its light.

Its outstanding characteristics

Nike Blazer can be known as the global brand for athletics, which fuses influences successfully from sport, fashion, and lifestyle. The unique perspective of this product delivers you the unexpected feeling in footwear, accessories, and apparel with the sport lifestyles, through revolutionary design and technical innovation. Being made of synthetic, it is imported with the rubber sole and Retro-styled appearance in the iridescent faux leather having asymmetric lacing and tonal overlays.

Why choose Nike Blazer?

As you may know, these glossy shoes can be indeed worth for your choice. Some reviewers also appreciate its lightness as if you are barely there. The shine of this shoe must serve its purpose according to some reviewers. Also, this model can be so stylish that you can wear it during some night parties. With how light and comfortable these kicks are, you will soon be fascinated with it. Perhaps Nike Blazer is one of good choices for you your family members and friends.


  • It is considered the comfortable kicks when compared to similar types of shoes.
  • Nike Blazer offers you many glossy colorways which even the buyers with the style consciousness can choose happily from.
  • This model can give us the high satisfaction in its overall scores.


  • The model appearance may not satisfy and somebody said that it is like one cheap product from a supermarket.
  • It is a bit hard to try in.
  • These sneakers may run a bit smaller than your expectation.

In short, the Nike Blazer may deliver much more than its price. You can love the versatility and the look of this model and the way it affords you. Given the numerous colorways of this model, it indeed provides you variety.

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