Nike Eminem Air Max 90

Nike Eminem Air Max 90

Nike Eminem Air Max 90

There are not many world famous rappers who have a wide collection of Nike shoes like Eminem. The Nike Air Max 90 is a limited version of Nike sneakers designed by Eminem himself with only 8 authentic pairs of shoes ever released all over the world. This product was sold at the price range from $125 to $200.

Outstanding Features

  • The most special thing to talk about these shoes is that they are designed by the Rap God, for himself, and truly priceless gem for Eminem enthusiast to seek after. The three main colors are blue, grey and green, with the embroidery of EMINEM at the back and his signature as well.
  • These shoes use patent, suede and leather materials, which offer amazing comfort and durability. Molded foam gives a soft feeling and cushioning. The heel and toe parts are supported with rubber to enhance shock absorbing, grip and durability. 
  • Like any other Nike products, lightweight is another advantage of this masterpiece. Besides, the air pods sculpted out on the shoes also helps to improve breathability and the wearer will forget that they are wearing this pair of shoes.

Why choose?

If you are a big fan of the Slim Shady, the presence of the Nike Air Max 90 in your sneaker collection is a must. This shoe is not only perfect for regular wear due to its structured design, but also great for sports activities like running or playing basketball. Moreover, these bad boys match up well with a variety of outfits so don’t hesitate to seek for this unique Nike version.

Pros and Cons


  • Eminem style
  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced grip and support
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Durable and easy to clean 


  • The true color is reported to be worse than in photos
  • Some customers complained about the too narrow fit

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