Sk8-Hi Iron Maiden Killers Vans

Sk8-Hi Iron Maiden Killers Vans

Sk8-Hi Iron Maiden Killers Vans

Vans are widely known for their collaboration with multiple music groups to create stunning sneaker models. First released in 2007, these Vans shoes were the result of Iron Maiden and Vans’ teaming up for the first time to design a new set of skateboard shoes inspired by this band’s album.

Outstanding Features

  • This pair of shoes is always sought after because it cherished a piece of history that every fanatic of the heavy metal bands Iron Maiden would want to keep in mind. The cool graphics of the album cover is featured on the upper, and the Iron Maiden signature on the outsole and heels make these shoes a “must-have” in any sneaker collection.
  • Other than the insane graphics cover, these shoes still preserve the exemplary design of Vans with a thick outsole and clean stitch that guarantees grip and durability of skateboard shoes.

Why choose?

If you are a big fan of the famous Iron Maiden or dedicated music lover, there are no reasons not to buy this set of skate shoes. Even if not, it is still a shining gem in your sneaker collection that everyone should envy. Comfortable, lightweight and durable, these shoes can endure well with regular wearing and sports activity without the fear of its being torn apart. And on special occasions like parties with friends or colleagues, you will love it when everyone compliments on your unique footwear. The present price of an Iron Maiden Vans pair is about $100, not much for a priceless memorial gift.


  • Stylish design, perfect for music and skateboarding lovers
  • Comfortable and good support
  • Lightweight
  • Durable enough for outdoor activities


  • Difficult to clean
  • The breathability is not highly rated

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