Sk8 Mid Syndicate W-Taps Bones Blue Vans

Sk8 Mid Syndicate W-Taps Bones Blue Vans

Sk8 Mid Syndicate W-Taps Bones Blue Vans

If you are going to change your long-used shoes, but don’t have any idea for this change, my brief review of Sk8 Mid Syndicate W-Taps Bones Blue Vans will give you a fashionable and comfortable option.

Remarkable features:

  • This is the perfect cooperation of two well-known brands: W-TAPS and VANS. It’s also an excellent product with the great design quality in classical edginess. Also, Sk8 Mid Syndicate W-Taps Bones Blue Vans, a pair of shoes in their collaborative collection this season, indicates the classical epitome of these two brands. Hence, I guarantee it will satisfy any of your hard requirement. 
  • Like other Vans shoes, this is also made up of attractive suede upper along with a canvas material, which improves its durability. Vans are often focused on the lightweight material to provide the most comfortable feel for consumers. Thanks to the sturdy canvas, your ankle will be supported significantly. 
  •  Impressive graphic design: Spider-webs of WTAPS will be stitched on the shoe upper. The interior is designed with jailhouse spider graphic. The tag of WTAPS and VANS is put on the tongue. In general, this is a shoe with the impressive and fashionable look. 
  • The price is about  $150 - $230, which depends on year version and promotion program. It’s still available at Vans Syndicate with highly limited quantities via Streething

Why choose?

The great quality and impressive design are the reasons most people choose this product. Advanced mesh not only provides your forefoot ventilation but also supports your midfoot. With the most breathable material, Sk8 Mid Syndicate W-Taps Bones Blue Vans will improve the multi-surface traction and durability. You may feel this shoe has a little more high price than some other product lines. However, I believe the value you get well worth what you pay. Hence, don’t hesitate to pick up a pair for yourself.


  • Comfortable and durable material
  • Impressive graphic design
  • Great quality


  • A little bit more high price than other products.

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