Vans Chukka Boot Kaws Simpson

Vans Chukka Boot Kaws Simpson

Vans Chukka Boot Kaws Simpson

Chukka can be considered one of the most classic types of men's shoes. Since the twentieth century, Chukka shoes have been used extensively in the Polo sport of the West. In 1924, this type of shoes was popular with the Duke of Windsor, and became increasingly popular among the masses.

Following the trend, Vans has introduced some types of chukka boots, especially the version Kaws Simpson with the cartoon patterns on the ivory white background.

Outstanding features

When first saw it, people imagine that there is a white paper with lines across the body, and someone has drawn the cartoon patterns on it. Actually, the shoes are entirely made of premium leather, which can avoid dirt and water. In spite of its simple design with the lace lock and medium high neck, it’s the patterns that make it outstanding from other versions.

Unlike the classic chukka boot with wooden sole that we knew before, the Vans chukka boot version has a rubber sole. It means that this version is more modern than the classic one, but still creative enough.

Why would you choose Vans Chukka Boot Kaws Simpson?

Chukka is a shoe that is fashionable and can vary in style from casual to smart-casual. Just notice a little when mixing with clothes, the shoe seems to be able to completely help you look attractive. With the Simpson pattern, you can mix with sports clothes as well.


  • Offers the unique pattern Simpson
  • Offers the most comfortable feel in daily use thanks to the soft sole and fitting upper


  • This version seems not to have any cons to complain about.

Current price on the market: $1.250/ pair
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